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Cuban gets his wish, fined $100,000 before Stern retires

  • Michael Prosser

Mark Cuban, seen here, was fined yet again by the NBA, the last of Commissioner David Stern’s 30 year career (courtesy of Sports Illustrated)

We all know Mark Cuban has been one of the most active characters in NBA history. His well documented antics involving his displeasure on the NBA’s referees and the league itself have cost him over one million dollars in his 14 year ownership of the Dallas Mavericks. He’s been sent to detention more times that Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club, but it’s what he did for David Sterns’ final send off that puts Mr. Cuban ahead of the rest.

Cuban was fined yet another $100,000 by the Commissioner for improper language directed at referees during a recent Mavericks-Clippers game, which the Mavs lost 129-127. Jamal Crawford scored the game winning basket on a controversial foul call that was made against “The Matrix” Shaun Marion. Crawford hit both his free throws and the Clippers escaped with a win, while the Mavericks blew a 17 point lead. Obviously anyone would be upset after blowing a 17 point lead, especially when that team was fighting for an early playoff spot and the team they were playing were minus their best player. But Cuban himself did say that he was going to get the final fine of Commissioner Stern’s 30-year career and he did not disappoint.


However in true Cuban fashion, the Pittsburgh native wrote a separate $100,000 check to charity, proving that even the bad guys have a heart. No word yet on whether or not Cuban will terrorize incoming Commissioner Adam Silver, but one thing’s for certain, the ongoing war between Cuban and Stern was sure fun to watch!

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