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Curt Schilling’s Almost PED Encounter

  • Andy Flint

Curt Schilling had a near encounter with PEDs

Key word? Almost. On Colin Cowherd’s ESPN show Curt Schilling decided to tell us the story of his encounter with someone attempting to give him PEDs. Schilling described it as awkward due to the question being asked among a group of people. A member of the medical staff believed this could prolong his career.

“It was an incredibly uncomfortable conversation,” he said, “because it came up in the midst of a group of people. The other people weren’t in the conversation, but they could clearly hear the conversation. And it was suggested to me that at my age and in my situation, why not? What did I have to lose? Because if I wasn’t going to get healthy, it didn’t matter. And if I did get healthy, great. It caught me off guard, to say the least.”

However, one source says this is a baseless acclaim by Schilling.

“Completely baseless,” one source said. “It didn’t happen. The staff member did not say it, and he had no PED history whatsoever.”

Another source said that Schilling and Reinold (man being accused) didn’t get along too well. To me that seems a tad harsh to potentially ruin someone’s reputation for no reason at all. Schilling’s story seems reliable when I read it. But today nothing is surprising.

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