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Darrelle Revis laughs at notion that Stevie Johnson owns him

  • Jason Whitney

Darrelle Revis laughs off claims that Stevie Johnson owns him

There is a reason lining up opposite of Darrelle Revis usually ends in failure for just about every receiver in the league. The man is a straight up beast when it comes to covering wide receivers. So much so, that the Jets never give him any safety help, usually leaving him alone on an island. A Revis Island, that has been a nightmare for just about every wide receiver in the league.

However, if there was ever a notion of Kryptonite, let it be in the name of Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson. The Bills best receiver over the past few seasons has had some success against the superman corner, Revis. Don’t get it twisted though, Revis laughs off these claims that Johnson has his number.

At 27, Revis is at the height of his powers entering his sixth season. Like Jordan, he constantly invents ways to motivate himself. He laughs at the suggestion that Johnson “owns” him (“If you want to say that, you can say that. If you want to pick at something,” he said with a smile).

“That’s the position I’m in,” Revis told the Daily News. “The success that I’ve had is the reason why maybe people criticize me a different way. You just roll with the punches. I’m not panicking over nothing. I know how to play ball. I play great ball. I’m not panicking because a guy got 70 yards.”

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan also voiced his opinion on the matter while shaking his head.

“Stevie Johnson’s a good receiver and he’s caught some balls, but I wouldn’t say he’s got Darrelle Revis’ number,” Ryan said. “He goes up against all types: Big, strong, fast, shifty. He goes against them all. And I’ve never walked out of a game saying, ‘This player got the best of Darrelle Revis.’ Never. Never felt that way. Do you realize how special this guy is? It is amazing what we ask him to do.”

“You’d almost sign up for that now,” Ryan added about giving up 70-80 yards to Johnson when the Jets host the Bills in the season opener.

“That’s their No. 1 receiver. If they’re going to spend a ton of their time throwing (at Johnson), we’d probably say, ‘If you’re going to catch 7 balls for 70 yards, go for it. That’s fine.’ That doesn’t usually beat you.”

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