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David Beckham and Tim Tebow Lead Top Ten List Of Athletes To Cheat With

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David Beckham and Tim Tebow according to a poll by, are women’s top two choices of men to cheat on your spouses with. The fine folks over at Ashley Madison really know how to get creative with their polls right? The site is known for those who are looking for extramarital affairs, so this comes as no surprise. The poll was taking by 13,500 women.

Here our your top leaders thanks to USA Today and Jimmy Traina of’s Hot Clicks:

David Beckham, 43.1%; Tim Tebow, 19.5%; Tom Brady, 17.9%, Derek Jeter, 16.5%; Alex Rodriguez, 13.2%; Cristiano Ronaldo, 11%; Michael Phelps, 10.5%; Peyton Manning, 9.6 %; Aaron Rodgers, 9.5%; Kelly Slater, 9.2%.


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