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David Garrard to be released by the Dolphins

  • Jason Whitney
The Dolphins have released David Garrard

Talk about bad luck; David Garrard, for the second consecutive season, will be cut just days before the regular season begins. Last year it was the Jacksonville Jaguars that released the veteran quarterback, now the Miami Dolphins are the latest team to part with Garrard.

Via LaTimes:

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer tweeted Monday afternoon: “Just got a text from David Garrard that he is being released from Fins today.”

Around the same time, Garrard posted a Twitter message of his own that seemed to confirm the report: “To all the dolphins fans thx for ur support! Best of luck to all my teammates. Thx for making me feel at home!! Phins up!”

Unfortunately for David Garrard, he hasn’t been the same since needing back surgery and more recent, knee surgery. He played with the Jaguars his first nine years of his career, leading the Jaguars to the playoffs while enjoying several successful seasons. Now he will be looking to land with a third team in the past 12 months. However, Garrard still hasn’t been able to get on the field since his surgery he had done in early August.

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