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David Stern says Barack Obama is not very good at basketball

  • Andy Flint

The always colorful commissioner of the NBA,  David Stern, had something to say about Barack Obama, not as a president, but as a basketball player. David Stern saidHe’s (Barack) not very good in reference to the President’s game on a basketball court.

Commissioner Stern has never been one to hold his tongue. Many of you may recall the insanely inappropriate comment Stern made to Jim Rome a few months back when Rome inquired about whether or not the New Orleans Hornets receiving the Number 1 overall selection in the 2012 draft was rigged by the NBA, based on the fact that the NBA owned the Hornets at that period in time. Stern fired back by asking Rome “Do you still beat your wife”. An old trick of word-play in which the person answering can’t admit anything but the fact that they either beat their wife, or used to do so.

From what I’ve personally seen with my own eyes, the President seems to have some game. Could he play in the NBA? Not a chance. Could he beat your average player? Probably. Could he beat David Stern one-on-one? I’d bet my car he could.

As everyone is likely already aware of, the 70-year old David Stern plans to retire as the NBA’s commissioner in February of 2014, so saying whatever he wants (as usual) probably holds little consequence in his mind.

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