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David West played too Dog-Gone hard

  • Justin Arbogast

The Cleveland Cavaliers mascot “Moondog”, will be added to the teams injury report. According to a report from Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer Moondog and a visiting opponent, Pacers forward David West, got into a play fight prior to tip off of the Pacers at Cavaliers game Wednesday night.

According to Reed “Moondog was spotted running through the hall, his dog head removed, clutching a towel to his eye. The mascot occasionally has fun sparring with opposing players before the game or during a timeout. Moondog and West exchanged some playful punches and apparently one caught him hard enough to do damage.”

Moondog was sent to the hospital after suffering an eye injury in the scuffle, later to be released and the team said he should be fine. West commented on the injury after the game “He jumped at me so I thought we were playing around and then the next thing I know he went down,” West said “It was definitely an accident.” “I feel terrible about that, I really do, We were just having fun right before the game. We were just messing around. I really hope he’s OK. Make sure he knows I’m sorry.”

Moondog seen lying on the ground after a few playful punches from David West

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