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David West wears his shirt all wrong

  • Andy Flint

Has David West jumped in on the NBA’s latest fashion outburst? Probably not, but West did have an incredibly funny way of wearing his shirt while catching a breather on the bench during Saturday’s game 3 win versus the New York Knicks.

This photo comes courtesy of  Conrad Kaczmarek over at SB Nation:

david west

Photo Credit: SB Nation

David appears to be upset at whatever is taking place during the game, as the video here (also courtesy of SB Nation) will show, but he looks as if he’s making a hard push at cracking my next “Top 20 Ugliest NBA Players” list.

Whatever the fashion statement may be, my thinking is at least he’s not dressed like Russell Westbrook, or Dwyane Wade. The obvious look of frustration on West’s face, paired with the awkward way in which he’s sporting that shirt makes David look more intimidating than he already does, which can’t be very easy. West would rank somewhere in the top 5 of my hypothetical “Top 10 Players I Don’t Want to Meet With in a Dark Alley” list.

The Pacers ended up beating the Knicks 82-71, to take control of the series at 2-1. Action resumes on Tuesday in Indiana.

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