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David Wilson says pissed fans and fantasy owners are irrelevant

  • Jim Racalto

(Credit: NY Daily News)

New York Giants running back David Wilson, who is supposed to be taking on the feature back role in the G-Men’s offense this season, got off to a dreadful start last Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. He mustered only 19 yards, while fumbling twice and being benched. The Giants went on to also throw three interceptions in a turnover riddled game in which they lost 36-31. Wilson will no doubt be looking to make amends this weekend when the Denver Broncos come to town, but in the meantime he isn’t too worried about upset fans or people who have him on their fantasy football teams.

I partly agree with Wilson, because you have to be able to put an awful game behind you and forge ahead. But, on the flipside, it is the fans who fill stadiums and make it possible for the NFL to sign players’ checks. So fans do have a right to be pissed off and Wilson should want to get back in their good graces. As for fantasy owners, get over it. Bad games happen and taking to Twitter to bitch at a player from your mom’s basement is childish.

As for David Wilson, he has shown flashes of talent and will need to get it together if the Giants plan on making the playoffs.

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