Bryce Harper gets benched for “lack of hustle”

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Photo: @sportingnews

Photo: @sportingnews

The Nationals had a closed door meeting Thursday night, after they were blown out by the St. Louis Cardinals. Now it hasn’t come out exactly what was said in that meeting, however it seems that maximum effort was something stressed. Matt Williams told reporters after the game that Harper had been benched for “lack of hustle.”

In the bottom of the 6th inning of a 3-1 game, Harper his a quick bouncer back to Cardinals pitcher, Lance Lynn. Harper trotted up the first base line and once the ball was caught at first he took the early exit to the bench, only running half way up the first base line instead of all the way through that bag. While Harper is suffering from a slight quad injury, Williams is clearly stressing that maximum effort is a must.

Usually, Harper would be the last person on the list to not put forth maximum effort, but I guess Williams doesn’t care if you’re injured or not. If you are well enough to play, you must go 120% or nothing. Check out this short clip of Harper’s “lack of hustle” and you decide if a benching was warranted.

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