Orioles Sale into Windy City, take first two from White Sox

  • James Revere
Photo: fansided.com

Photo: fansided.com

After salvaging a victory out of three games in Cleveland, the Orioles wanted to take out some frustration on the White Sox on Monday. This of course is never easy with the likes of Chris Sale starting the series.

The Orioles have had a very unusual ability this season. Against the American League’s best arms, the birds seem to play their bbest baseball. Only Corey Kluber and Scott Kazmir have truly made the Orioles not look themselves. Unfortunately for Chris Sale, he falls into the other side of the category and the birds showed why as they’d win 8-2. The home run bug would bite Sale early as JJ Hardy and Nelson Cruz took the ace of Chi town deep. He’d leave after giving up 3 runs on eight hits in six innings of work.

The unsung hero of this evening would be Nick Markakis. While going 3-5 with a blast of a two run home run is amazing in it’s own right, it was the defensive play that saved two runs that would be on everyone’s lips the next morning. Connor Gillespie got every bit of a Bud Norris fastball. Nick wouldn’t let down his team as with a leap at the wall went over the yellow line, and brought back the would be home run. For a replay of that amazing highlight, click here.

Photo: abc2news.com

Photo: abc2news.com

Last night’s affair would see Chris Tillman toe the rubber against Jose Quintana. Tillman has been a monster his last dozen or so starts. The night would be no different as his fastball velocity continually touched 94-96. This was a big deal as he hadn’t seen that type of heat since Opening day. While mixing in his 12 to 6 curve ball, the White Sox hitters had no way to plan an attack. Tillman would leave the game with 9 strike outs while only giving up one run.

Quintana had a good game of his own. The crafty lefty would go toe to toe with Tillman. His last inning of work would be his undoing as Chris Davis and company would touch off on the White Sox starter for three more earned runs. The icing on the cake would be Nick Hundley’s solo shot off White Sox reliever Daniel Webb.

Tommy Hunter would close the door on another successful victory. Speaking of the bullpen, news broke before the game that Ubaldo Jimenez would be officially moved to the bullpen. Given the success of Miguel Gonzalez, fans around the area questioned why he deserved to be sent down to make room for what this writer views as a 50 million dollar mistake. Well, after his last rough outing in Cleveland, Buck had seen enough and made the move official. We will see Miguel back with the club for a start against the Chicago Cubs.


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