WATCH: Quadcopter with GoPro cam flies over Nationals spring training

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Donald Mirelle is a photographer from San Diego, California.  He had a great idea to attach a GoPro camera to a quadcopter and fly it over the Washington Nationals’ spring training as they were working out with their pitchers and catchers.

Nationals manager Matt Williams was impressed with the technology and what it could offer.

“Everybody is always looking for a new opportunity to get the different angle, right?” said Nationals Manager Matt Williams, who, like many members of the Nationals, was intrigued by the device. “So it was good. I can’t wait to see the footage. It’s quiet enough that guys don’t really notice it when they’re out there. I asked them not to throw any baseballs at it or anything like that. And they said, ‘Okay, skip, we won’t do that.’”

Stephen Strasburg was also impressed with the technology and thought it was possible to go to the hobby store and pick your own up.

“Technology is crazy,” Strasburg later told reporters. “I guess you can go down to the hobby store and get one yourself.”

It would be pretty cool to see Mirelle continue the project through full team workouts.  Imagine being able to watch Bryce Harper take batting practice with a quadcopter hovering five feet above his head.

Here is a pretty awesome still of what is going on.

(Photo by Donald Miralle)

(Photo by Donald Miralle)

Thanks to Curly W for the article.

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