Bradley Beal and John Wall Believe The Wizards’ Time Is Now

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Last week, SLAM Online ( posted a recent question-and-answer session with Washington Wizards’ shooting guard Bradley Beal. On 10 June, Beal was in Los Angeles attending the annual E3 video game trade show. SLAM interviewer Abe Schwadron asked Beal about his video game interests, his hopes for the Wizards in the 2014-15 season, and his plans for the summer.

When asked if the Wizards’ roster comes back intact, had fans seen their full potential yet, Beal responded:

“Hopefully, we can get further next year than we did this year. We know, we’ve got to use this as a stepping stone for us. The Eastern Conference Finals is a goal we’re going to have moving into next season. Hopefully we can build off what we accomplished this past year and get off to a great start again.”

Beal also mentioned a) he expects Washington to gain home-court advantage for at least the first round of the playoffs; b) teammate John Wall should have made one of the All-NBA

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teams; c) Beal looks forward to his involvement with Team USA basketball; and d) one way he works on his game is to take a technique from every two-guard he faces.

The Q-and-A session showed Beal as a confident young man who understands he still has room for improvement. He also understands his improvement directly improves his team’s chances for deeper playoff runs in years to come.

On Tuesday, NBC Sports Network Sport Dash reporter Dave Briggs interviewed John Wall. When asked about the Wizards’ going forward, Wall mentioned keeping free agents Trevor Ariza and Marcin Gortat are key to the Wizards’ future success. Wall also mentioned that making the Eastern Conference Finals next season is a reasonable goal if the Wizards keep their core players together.

When two up-and-coming starters state the same goal in separate interviews, it appears the Wizards aren’t shy about describing their intentions for next season. A deep playoff run is the type of goal that is easily measured once the regular season starts. If Beal and Wall lead the team to more efficient, more consistent winning play night after night, the duo can help make this goal come true.




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