Ex-Wizard Crittenton allegedly involved in drug ring

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Former Wizards forward Javaris Crittenton, seen here in an Atlanta courtroom, was indited on drug charges connected to a drug ring that formed in 2012.

Guess who’s having the best week ever?!? No it’s not former Wizards forward Javaris Crittenton.

After being arrested on drug charges with his cousin in Atlanta, reports have Crittenton involved in something straight out of Brian DePalma’s Scarface in the form of a drug ring that allegedly has tried to move over 400 kilos of cocaine. This, plus his unrelated 2011 murder charge does not bode well for the former 1st round pick. Of course Mr. Crittenton’s lawyer claims that his client is innocent.

“Mr. Crittenton and I are going to hold hands and we’re going to fight any and every false allegation against him,”

Brian Steele, Crittenton’s lawyer

The former Georgia Tech star was drafted in 2007 by the Los Angeles Lakers, then traded to the Memphis Grizzlies (along with two first round picks, Kwame Brown, Aaron McKie and the rights to Pau’s brother Marc) but was traded after the season to the Wizards in a three team  deal. That’s when things really got interesting.  It was in DC that Crittenton got mixed up with “Agent Zero” Gilbert Arenas who both were involved in a locker room dispute that resulted in the brandishing of guns. Crittenton received one year probation after pleading guilty, was suspended for the remainder of the season by David Stern, and was subsequently released by the team. The Bobcats offered Crittenton a non-guaranteed contract the next season, but was released before the season began.

In August of 2011, Crittenton was arrested for the murder of Julian Jones, a 22-year old mother of four children,

Crittenton as a member of the Wizards (courtesy of NBA.com)

who seemed to be the wrong target. Critten was indicted last April, along with his cousin, on 12 counts, including but not limited to, murder, possession of a fire arm under probation, and participation in criminal gang activity, as it was determined that Crittenton joined a branch of the Crips while a Laker. His target in the shooting, Trontavious Stephens, was a member of the rival Bloods, and allegedly was the one who robbed him in April of 2011. It was Trontavious who was the intended target when Miss Jones lost her life.

But it was last weeks arrest on drug charges, in which Crittenton was held without bail, it has now been alleged that Crittenton was involved with 13 others, trying to move over 820 lbs of cocaine along with ten lbs of weed in a ring that police have stated has been running since 2012. It’s no doubt that the former first-round pick will be spending an extremely high amount of time in jail with no possible chance at parole.


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