Report: Gortat Uses Movies to Articulate His Passion for Competition

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As the Washington Wizards prepare for the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, fans around the country are getting to know Washington’s players. On Thursday, Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey reported on one of Wizard center Marcin Gortat’s creative pregame rituals.

Gortat, who possesses an abiding passion for film, has lately been quoting lines from the movie “300” to prepare himself for competition. The movie, a version of the battle

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between 300 Greek soldiers from Sparta and thousands of Persian soldiers, is a highly-regarded presentation of how one should confront seemingly impossible odds.

Gortat, who has watched the film closely, undoubtedly sees a parallel between that war between opposing factions and the high level of competition in the NBA postseason. In addition, his quoting of passages from the film provides light-hearted moments for his teammates. Successful teams throughout history have had a player or players who can help keep teammates loose. Successful teams need a balance between intense focus on the task at hand and opportunities to release possible pressure that results from increased expectations.

As long as the Wizards keep winning, one can assume no one will suggest Gortat stop expressing himself in this way. It’s good to see the Wizards get some positive exposure, as interesting individuals and as an improving team.






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