Report: Wall, Wiz close to $80 million extension

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Wizards franchise player John Wall is reportedly about to sign a 5 year extension with the team (photo courtesy of ESPN)

John Wall is about to get PAID!

The Wizards star and the team are close to signing a 5 year/$80 million contract extension according to CBS Sports. The former #1 overall selection has until October 31st to work out a new deal before becoming a restricted free agent in the summer. Despite missing the first 33 games of the season, Wall still managed to average over 18 points per game while adding almost 8 assists.

At 22 years of age, Wall still has a lot of room to grow into in terms of his game, but he and the Wizards have seen a

Despite the losing records, Wall and the Wizards have been an improving team (photo courtesy of the Washington Post)

steady rise in the standings over the years, finishing 3rd in the Southeastern Division. The Win-Loss record hasn’t been there, but let’s face it, the Wizards have been nothing short of dysfunctional the past few years. With coaching changes and players leaving, Wall has yet to have the stability that is necessary to put together a winning team. But now, with what seems to be a new contract in hand, and two rising stars in both Bradley Beal and this year’s 3rd overall pick Otto Porter Jr, things seem to be looking up for the “BealinWall” (I’m telling you this WILL catch on! First there was Agent Zero now the Wizards will have the BealinWall).


Could this signing be the step in the right direction for a Wizards franchise that hasn’t seen the Playoffs since 2008? It very will could be. This team is young and talented, and could very well make a push back to the playoffs in the near future. But in order to do that, the team needs to be stable; and the best way to stabilize something? By building it up. It wouldn’t be wise for the franchise to break the Wall down.


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