The Washington Wizards sign 10 year old Amaris Jackson

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USA Today’s Laken Litman reported a heartwarming story this weekend. The Washington Wizards signed a 10-year-old girl to a one-day contract. But, she’s no ordinary 10-year-old. Amaris Jackson plays point guard for her middle-school basketball team. She’s also a cancer survivor.

Jackson is battling renal cell carcinoma (a form of kidney cancer). In the midst of her fight, the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s mid-Atlantic region office made her dream come true. Jackson’s wish was to “break barriers” by signing with an NBA team. The Wizards made that happen on Saturday afternoon prior to the game against Milwaukee. Jackson got a personalized jersey andsneakers. She got a chance to meet players, observe shoot-around in the practice gym and sit in owner Ted Leonsis’ luxury box for the game.

Jackson’s biggest thrill was just prior to the tip-off. Leonsis called her into his office, where he had a one-day contract prepared for Jackson’s signature. With general manager Ernie Grunfeld looking on, Jackson agreed to terms with the Wizards, signing the one-day deal. Jackson is an inspiration to the Wizards and all who know her. Kudos to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Wizards for making a strong young lady’s dream come true.

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