WATCH Gilbert Arenas “I can beat MJ at one-on-one”

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Former Wizards star Gilbert Arenas told TMZ that he could beat Michael Jordan right now (photo courtesy of

Both Gilbert Arenas and Michael Jordan used to be Washington Wizards. One had a very solid career in DC, the other joined at the twilight of his Hall of Fame career. But with photos and videos surfacing of Michael Jordan still dunking at the ripe old age of 50, Arenas told TMZ that if Jordan showed up at his house to play a pick up game of one-on-one the outcome would not go in His Airness’s favor.




Allow me to channel my inner Mike “The Miz” Mizannon for a second; Really? Really? REALLY?!?!?!

First off “Agent Zero” you wouldn’t stand a chance against MJ not even if MJ was 80 and used a walker! It was nice of you to admit that if you both played during your respective primes that Jordan would destroy you, but since Jordan is 50 and you 31 you’d destroy him? Gimme a break! No matter what you say Michael Jordan could still take you any day, any time, and any place.  Heck MJ could probably beat you blind folded! Did you ever save a bunch of Looney Tunes from an alien invasion lead by Danny Devito Gilbert Arenas? NO! I don’t think you did! Just because Alan Iverson crossed Jordan up while he was in a Wizards uniform doesn’t mean that you can. Sure he may be a horrible business man and team owner when it comes to the Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets but this is the GREATEST player in the history of basketball and you’re gonna beat him? Try again Gil.

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