Wizards forward Martell Webster bashes kid’s coloring on Instagram

  • Michael Prosser

We’ve all been kids, and we’ve all colored pictures for our parents and they’ve all said how great the look. This however isn’t the case in the Webster house.

Wizards forward Martell Webster took to Instagram after receiving a picture of what appears to be a bat holding a basket of assorted Halloween items. The bat was multi-colored (blue, yellow, and pink in a tri-fold styling) and the basket was tented with green. So how did Mr. Webster respond to the wonderful gift he just received?

To quote Mr. Webster:

These pictures suck!


Yes, with three small words, Martell Webster shattered the hopes and dreams of his children. Now I’m no Michaelangelo or Leonardo or any other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (before we go any further, I know they’re named after artists, it’s a joke!) but these are your children Martell! You average only 8.4 points a game for your entire career, it’s not like you’re an artist with the ball anyways! I’d expect more from the 6th overall pick in 2005.

But maybe I’m being to hard on you sir. Maybe, and I hope this is the case, you were being sarcastic. Maybe this was one big joke. If this was a joke Martell, this is no laughing matter.


Care to see for yourself?



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