Wizards’ John Wall wins Slam Dunk competition with dunk over Wizards mascot

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John Wall was the last to dunk in the NBA Slam Dunk competition Saturday night. He didn’t disappoint. After the West’s Ben McLemore dunked over Shaq in a throne, John Wall brought G-Man out. G-Man is the Wizards high flying mascot and he set up under the hoop.

John Wall set G-Man up, then took back to the wing and took off running. John Wall was the only dunker in the competition to complete his dunk on the first try and the crowd on the court responded quickly. Once they showed the replay of the dunk the entire crowd realized that not only did Wall jump over G-Man he also did a pump before dunking. The crowd then went nuts.

John Wall could use this moment into today’s All-Star game to maybe be a dark horse candidate for the MVP. Wall is of course doing all of this with his mother sick in the hospital in North Carolina with fluid build up in her lungs. Hopefully she was able to celebrate her son’s big accomplishment.


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