DeSean Jackson signs with the Redskins

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Left to right: Garçon, Hall, Wale, Jackson  Photo:

Left to right: Garçon, Hall, Wale, Jackson

After a ton of speculation and false reports, DeSean Jackson is finally a member of the Washington Redskins. As per Adam Schefter:



Jackson came to town yesterday evening for dinner with Jay Gruden, Bruce Allen and Daniel Snyder then afterwards was spotted in the clubs with wide receiver Pierre Garçon, cornerback DeAngelo Hall and D.C. rapper Wale.

Jackson reportedly left Redskins Park today somewhere around 230pm (give or take). Then per Ian Rapoport this happened:


What is funny however is after reports of DeSean Jackson leaving Redskins Park surfaced, the newest member of the Washington Redskins, Ryan Clark, had this to say:



Now that it is all said and done, DeSean Jackson is a member of the Washington Redskins. Although he denied to comment on a question regarding playing Philadelphia twice a year, I am sure this had something to do with his decision to come to D.C. A chance to stick it to the team that didn’t want him anymore twice a year.

Per Adam Schefter, the contract is for 3 years and worth $24 million. $16 million of the contract is guaranteed. Nothing has been released as per the structuring, but it will likely be front loaded just in case Jackson has any conflicts of interest with the team.


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UPDATED 12:24 PM 4/2/14

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