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FedEx CEO Fred Smith recently appeared on CNBC and was asked some pointed questions regarding his thoughts on the FedEx sponsorship of the Washington Redskins and his own personal opinion of the team name.  As expected from any big-time CEO, Smith was professionally coy with his responses.  When asked about his companies sponsorship of FedEx Field, home of the Redskins, Smith said:

Well first of all, let me answer that question from the standpoint of FedEx, which sponsors FedEx Field.  We have a long-standing contract with Washington Football Inc. The Redskins play at FedEx Field, but there are many many other events there: the Rolling Stones, Notre Dame, Army and Navy football, Kenny Chesney. So that’s our sponsorship, and we really don’t have any dog in this issue from a standpoint of FedEx. From a personal standpoint, I’m a shareowner in the Redskins football team, but Mr. Snyder — who’s the majority owner — and the Redskins speak for the franchise. I would point out that they’ve issued a press release on that today, and I’d refer people to that.

When asked for his personal opinion of the team’s name, Smith answered:

I think that FedEx’s contract is with Washington Football for the stadium. And I’m here representing 300,000 FedEx team members and FedEx shareholders. So our sponsorship is a good one for FedEx Field, and the Redskins need to speak on the Redskins name.

So in conclusion, FedEx CEO Fred Smith did a masterful job of answering both questions posed by CNBC without actually answering the questions.  Now that’s why he is a CEO.  Bravo!

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