Fomer Ravens’ linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo has controversial tweet during Super Bowl

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NFL players who do not play in the Super Bowl are still known to watch the game and tweet out their comments. This year, former Baltimore Ravens’ lineback Brendon Ayanbadejo went a different route to start the game. Ayanbadejo had this to say:


Now as we know, not all of America are President Obama fans. The whole “Obama Care” situation has been criticized immensely and especially with the terrible website. However, Ayanbadejo did not stop there, he continued on to speak his mind on marijuana:


Ayanbadejo was not employed this past season and comments like this are things that teams look at nowadays. Plus, with Ayanbedjo’s open comments on gay marriage, it is widely believe that that was a reason behind the Baltimore Ravens cutting him after the 2013 season. Controversial comments like these likely won’t get Ayanbadejo back on the field for the 2014 season, however he is using his fame for a cause in which he believes in.


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