Is it time to bench RGIII for Kirk Cousins?

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Photo: Bill Habar / AP Images

Photo: Bill Habar / AP Images

Is it time  to bench Robert Griffin III for Kirk Cousins?

The above question is one that a minority of  Washington Redskins fans are asking.  Why is this?  Why have they suddenly decided to turn on their second overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft?  The man who took them to the playoffs and won them the franchises first NFC East division title since 1999.

The Redskins stand at 0-2 after being blown up 38-20 this past Sunday by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.  That couples with a 33-27 loss at home to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football.

The reason for his decline is probably obvious.  He has just come back from an ACL injury that he suffered during the wildcard playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks in January.   As a result of the recovery time he missed all of preseason

Could that rust be the reason that Griffin is struggling?  Or does it go deeper and a question of mental toughness?  It’s not uncommon for football players to fear re-injuring  a newly healed ligament.

Redskins fans flooded local media outlets in Washington after the loss to the Packers with demands to start Kirk Cousins.  Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post found the change in attitudes:


So Griffin is looking “scared”?  This wouldn’t be surprising if it were true.  Tom Brady looked shaky at best on his return to action after his 2008 knee injury.


Is Kirk Cousins really the answer or should the Redskins fans have more patience in Griffin?  Cousins did a decent job when covering for Griffin during the 212 season when Griffin was injured.


Regardless of what Redskins fans want, head coach Mike Shanahan has full confidence in Robert  Griffin III and doesn’t think it’s time to start Cousins.

“Shanahan laughed and said no he doesn’t think it’s time to play Cousins. Says he has confidence in Griffin.”

What do you think?  Is Shanahan right to stick with Griffin or should he be benched until he’s physically and mentally stronger?


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