Is Redskins owner Dan Snyder considering a name change?

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According to reports today, the Washington Redskins and owner Dan Snyder are apparently softening their position on a potential name change. According to TMZ, one of Dan Snyder’s neighbors is a wealthy patent investor and has registered the team name “Washington Bravehearts.” TMZ obtained a trademark application stating that Aris Mardirossian, Snyder’s neighbor, planned to use the name for entertainment in the nature of football games.

However, this has all been debunked as just rumor as Redskins chief spokesperson Tony Wyllie came onto the radio show “The Locker Room,” hosted by former Redskins Doc Walker and Brian Mitchell, and said that there is in no way any connection with the name, the Washington Bravehearts, and the Redskins organization. Wyllie also said that Dan Snyder does not even know nor has he ever spoken to his neighbor that allegedly has put in the trademark application.

Is there any truth that Dan Snyder is behind this? Most likely not. Heck it could even be possible that Aris Mardirossian has ties to the potential coming of the AFL franchised that Washington DC is hoping to land. With all this being said, the fact that the Redskins chief spokesperson came on the radio live to make this announcement makes pretty certain that nothing is going to change. This will likely only add fuel to the fire about the controversy of the Redskins name.


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