Lardarius Webb, Steve Smith fight at Ravens minicamp

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Patrick Semansky/AP

Patrick Semansky/AP

Steve Smith joined the Baltimore Ravens from the Carolina Panthers a few months ago and he’s already had his first fight at Ravens practice, according to Pro Football Talk (via Jamison Hensley of ESPN).

According to the report, the fight between Smith and cornerback Lardarius Webb sounded like it was nothing more than a shoving contest, which hardly warrants the title of ‘fight’.

It’s not the first time Steve Smith has been involved in a bit of ‘argy-bargy’ as they say in England) while at practice.  In 2002, he was suspended for a game for pinching teammate Anthony Bright.  In 2008, he was kicked out of training camp for punching another teammate, Ken Lucas.

Smith is considered to be one of the toughest wide receivers in the NFL, Webb is also no pushover.  With such tough competitors, it’s understandable that tensions may get heated.

At least Smith didn’t punch Webb.  While that might have been interesting, Webb would likely have reticulated and the Ravens would have had had a full on riot on their hands.  Probably.

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