NCAI issues statement regarding Chris Cooley comments

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The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) has a released a statement calling Chris Cooley’s comments “dehumanizing and offensive.”  Chris Cooley, former Washington Redskins tight end and now a part of their game day radio broadcasts, made the following statements on Wednesday:

I don’t like the Chargers because I want to protect the ozone, all right guys? I feel like there’s a global warming issue, and I don’t like the name Chargers, because they’re promoting electricity. Eff electricity, and eff the Chargers name. I have a problem with them. All I’ve got to do is a pamphlet and 10 percent of a couple people and maybe a Senator or two that wants to protect the ozone and we’re off and running.

It will create an end to the Redskins publicly saying anything about keeping the name. They’ll let anyone else say whatever they want about it. They’ll let the Oneida tribe say anything, they’ll let anyone that wants to bash the name say anything. But as soon as our court system rules — which is, in my opinion, likely… — it ends what we have to say to them. Now all we do is go out to these reservations and we believe in what we do and create goodwill and continue to work with our Native Americans in building their tribes back up to what they want to be, and we don’t say anything.

Needless to say, not the best PR move by an employee of the (future) Washington Potatoes.  The NCAI responded with the following press release on Thursday denouncing his comments.



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