NFL adds to “No Fun League” title, bans customized face masks

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The NFL has been making rule change after rule change over the past few years since Roger Goodell has taken over as commissioner. This time with the trend of a “bane” type of face mask growing, the NFL has banned customized face masks. Robert Mathis of the Indianapolis Colts tweeted this:



Washington Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo shared this picture in May:



If a player is going to use the face mask for medical purposes it will be allowed. Justin Tuck rolled the helmet out last year to help keep his neck strain at bay. According to Yahoo Sports, Tuck used it to prevent the offensive lineman from yanking on his helmet and face mask to keep him from further injuring a neck strain he suffered early in the year.

The NFL is living up to it’s “No Fun League” title these days. They have now banned most touchdown celebrations, forced players to wear all padding provided to them and now taken away any creativity that the player may have to look different and create some excitement with the fans. If you ask me, the NFL needs to calm down and stop treating the game like the players should wear suits and ties. Until they lose money however, this trend will continue.


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