Oneida Nation starting radio ad campaign against the Washington Redskins

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The backlash against the Redskin name is growing

It looks like the resistance against the Washington Redskins name is gaining more and more supporters every day. The latest to join the fray is the Oneida Nation from upstate New York, who will be launching a radio ad against the Redskins.

According to an Associated Press report, the advertisement will run in Washington before their season opener against Philadelphia on September 9th. According to the AP report, the message asks NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to “stand up to bigotry” and denounce the “racial slur” of the name ‘Redskins’. The message also states that Native Americans “do not deserve be called ‘redskins’. We deserve to be treated as what we are: Americans.”

This is the latest in a long line of backlash against the Redskins name. Native American tribes have pushed legal action for years, trying to get the name changed, as “redskin” is considered a derogatory slur against Native Americans. Members of the U.S. Senate pushed for a name change this year, and even two former Washington players, Art Monk and Darrell Green, both members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, appeared on radio and said it was time the name was changed.

Even big players in the sports media have joined the cause against the Redskin name. Peter King and his Monday Morning Quarterback division of Sports Illustrated announced that they would no longer use the Redskins name in their publication.

The movement against the Redskins name appears to be growing steadily, but it still remains to be seen if an actual change will occur. Washington owner Daniel Snyder has stated in the past that the name won’t ever change, and commissioner Goodell has stood by him in that charge.


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