Pierre Garcon: “RG3 can’t run as fast with knee brace”

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Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon told ESPN 980’s Sports Flex that RG3 was obviously slower because of his knee brace (Courtesy of The Washington Post)

It seems like tensions are running high and tempers are starting to flare in the Nation’s Capital and I’m not talking about anything political. Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon publicly spoke out against quarterback Robert Griffin III and his lack of speed after his knee surgery.

“Well, when you’re walking around with a knee brace or playing with a knee brace, obviously it’s slowing you down a little bit.  It’s just natural. It’s common….I don’t know how much it weighs, exactly, but you always think about it when you have it on there, and it’s a constant reminder. It’s not gonna let you be the guy you are without the knee brace. When you have something around your knees – the more equipment you have on, it’s obviously distracting you or slowing you down from being as free as loose as yourself without any equipment on.”

Pierre Garcon on ESPN 980’s Sports Fix


The Redskins are in a position they haven’t been in since 2006; they’re 0-2 to start the season. Could it be that the “Sophomore Slump” has gotten to RG3? Does Garcon’s statement hold water? It’s possible, but let’s see what the numbers say.

This season (all two games of it) RG3 has rushed for a whopping 25 yards on 9 rushing attempts. That, coupled with his five touchdowns and three interceptions has some wondering if Griffin is truly 100% like he said he was. The rust was evident in the team’s first game against the Eagles, a game which the Eagles defense held RG3 in check rushing wise (1 yard on four attempts and a total QBR rating of 15.1) and intercepted Griffin twice. It seemed like the rust was starting to

Pierre Garcon and RG3 (courtesy of CBS Sports)

be shaken off in the 2nd half but in Sunday’s game against the Packers, Griffin again rushed for only 25 yards on 5 carries. While his passing numbers are well over 300 yards a game, his rushing yards are obviously down from last season.

Garcon himself also seems to think that defenses are keying in on the fact that RG3’s knee may/may not be 100%

They know Robert obviously can’t run as fast as he did last year because of his knee brace and his knee, but it’s the same offense, to be honest with you. It’s nothing different. It hasn’t changed at all.”

So is RG3 scared of running now? Or are defenses getting smarter at shutting down the Zone Read option calls that teams such as the Redskins, Eagles, and 49ers are importing into their offense? Maybe it’s both. Should Redskins fans begin to panic? Not just yet. Remember last season the Redskins seemingly got off to a slower start in rout to a Division Title and a Playoff birth. But if the Redskins want to repeat in a WIDE open NFC East (literally it’s wide open! Dallas and Philly are 1-1 and the Redskins and Giants are 0-2 it’s still anybody’s division) the team as a WHOLE needs to come together as one, work on their shortcomings and get back on track. Divisions may not be won in September but they sure as hell can be lost.

As for Garcon and his comments, it may seem at first glance like he’s throwing Robert under the bus but remember Pierre, RG3 didn’t have any snaps in preseason like you did. Granted you (and the rest of Redskins Nation) realize that RG3 is a tad slower than usual but did you honestly believe he was going to go all Adrian Peterson on everyone’s ass and have monster games right out the gate? NO! Give him time Pierre. You’re getting your catches right? Be happy with that!

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