Ray Rice pleads not guilty to assault charge

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According to ESPN, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice pleaded not guilty to third-degree aggravated assault charge in a hearing Thursday morning. He also applied for a pretrial intervention program.

If Rice is approved for the program, he will avoid jail time. If he is not accepted, the next hearing will be May 29, though prosecutors have a plea deal on the table that would result in probation without any jail time.

Rice was arrested on Feb. 15 after TMZ released a video that allegedly showed the aftermath of a physical altercation between Rice and his then-fiancee and current wife Janay Palmer. She was seated behind Rice on Thursday.

As ESPN’s Jamison Hensley points out, even if Rice does not serve any jail time, he is likely to see punishment at the hands of Roger Goodell under the personal conduct policy.

However, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome insists that whatever punishment Rice receives will not affect his standing with the team. “We’ll deal with Ray when that time comes,” Newsome said in a pre-draft press conference.

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