Redskins’ Kirk Cousins doesn’t own a car

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Once athletes finally make it big in sports they start to become erratic with their money. This includes huge houses, fancy cars, and extravagent purchases. That’s not the case for Washington Redskins back up quarterback Kirk Cousins, he doesn’t even own a car. This past Wednesday, Cousins was a guest star on his former teammate, Chris Cooley’s, radio broadcast on ESPN Radio 890. They talked about all kinds of things, where Cooley eventually brought up that NFL star Cousins doesn’t even own a car.

“Kirk has two cars right now,” Cooley said. “They’re both dealer cars. He hasn’t purchased a car yet. You’ve seen Alfred Morris has his car; Kirk doesn’t even own a car.”

Cousins went on to confirm, “Don’t own a car. I got a great opportunity through Jim McKay Chevrolet in Fairfax, so I don’t have to own a car. And I have one back in my hometown, as well, in Holland. So I’m sitting good with that right now.”

Cousins discussed how he has been very tight with his money even when he was in college. He even said the $45-50 per diem each Redskins’ player gets on road trips is the coolest thing. Cooley talked about how Cousins treats every check he makes “like he just got 16 dollars in college and he can’t buy a new pair of shoes.” Although it isn’t a bad financial habit, isn’t there a point in life that once you reach a certain climax in your career that you should splurge a little bit?



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