Redskins’ Orakpo has amazing pick-six

  • Meaghan Frazier

After Brian Orakpo picked off a deflected pass from Jay Cutler and returned it for nearly 3o yards for a touchdown, it marked not only his first ever touchdown and interception of his NFL career, but also marked the first interception and touchdown he has ever had in his whole life.

The wacky play that lead to Orakpo’s pick-six came from Safety Reed Doughty blocking a pass from Jay Cutler to wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, which evidently found it’s way into the hands of Brian Orakpo (of course after Doughty could not secure the ball and it bounced off his helmet and into the air). The linebacker proceeded to run untouched into the end zone for one of the most exciting plays of his NFL career, Orakpo called it a “crazy feeling.”


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