Redskins TE Fred Davis Rumored To Face 6 Game Suspension

  • Rich Hilts

The rumor mill flying around this morning is that Fred Davis, the oft troubled tight end is facing a 6 game suspension for failing a drug test.

If true, the question begs itself: Do the Redskins re-sign him or tell him goodbye?

With the number of free agent tight ends out there with no injury or drug problems, our surmise is that he doesn’t get resigned at this point.

Of course, he does have an appeals process to go through if the rumor is true.

On a more personal level, one would have to question why, when having to deal with a potential problem getting resigned already, Fred would go out and get involved in something that would make that process even worse. You have a new head coach. You have a chance to prove yourself to a new coach who likes to use tight ends and multiple tight end sets at that. He’s an ex quarterback who likes to have Joker type tight ends out there for the quarterback to use as security blankets.

The real question is – with a multi-million dollar contract in your grasp – was the marijuana worth it? If the rumor is true – couldn’t you have waited til you retired for the free wheeling party to start, Fred?

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