Report: Browns offered a fourth round pick for Kirk Cousins

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Kirk Cousins is probably the most sought after back-up quarterback in the league.  Since being drafted in 2012, Cousins has been at the center of multiple trade rumors.  And the Washington Redskins are willing to part ways with Robert Griffin III’s insurance…but only for the right price.

The Cleveland Browns were one of the interested parties in trading for Cousins during the draft but Redskins general manager Bruce Allen felt the fourth-round pick offered by the Browns was not enough.

The Browns wanted to reunite Cousins with their new offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, but ended up drafting Johnny Manziel with the 22nd overall pick.

Jason LaCamfora of CBSSports said the Redskins rebuffed the offer.  All parties involved are interested in the trade except Bruce Allen.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to keep Cousins hanging aroun if the idea is to keep Griffin as the starting quarterback.  Colt McCoy is a dependable back-up option.  Trying to force teams to give up more than he’s worth is never  a good idea.

Cousins has played eight games for the Redskins, starting four.  He’s thrown eight touchdowns and ten interceptions and completed 56.2 percent of his passes for a quarterback rating of 68.6.  Personally, those stats don’t say much more than “fourth-round pick” to me.

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