RG3 open to taking sliding advice from Nats’ Harper

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After Redskins quarterback  Robert Griffin III fumbled the ball after a head-first slide attempt against the Detroit Lions on Sunday and with other similar incidents in his short career-RG3 has been adamantly practicing with his feet first. During an interview with media, RG3 told them that he worked on his sliding during training camp but it still seems to be a downfall to the young QB.

After RG3 mentioned that he needs to learn how to “baseball slide,” many fans suggested that the QB who happens to be friends with many DC athletes should take lessons from the Nationals’ players.

Here’s what he had to say after being asked if he would be up for a Nats player to give him advice:

“Would you be open to having a Nats player teach you how to slide, Robert?”

“If Bryce [Harper] wants to do that, I’m definitely up for that,” he said. “We can do that if you want to buddy.”



Is it a bad idea? Is Bryce Harper even the best candidate to teach RG3?

Although RG3 needs help sliding without a doubt, Harper may not be the best player to seek sliding advice from. This year alone Harper has struggled himself with sliding, sometimes sliding head-first like Griffin did on Sunday. Harper who has been battling with his knee this season has a hard time controlling himself. Even though RG3 is in desperate need of lessons, Harper is probably not the greatest choice. Other choices like Denard Span or Jayson Werth who are both veterans would be good coaches for the QB.

Despite the unlikelihood of this actually ever happening, it would be an awesome sighting for D.C. sports fans.


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