RG3, other NFL players, worried about Thursday Night games

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Photo: washingtonpost.com

Photo: washingtonpost.com

Robert Griffin III is only going into his third NFL season, but one thing we know for sure is that the young star is not afraid to speak his mind. In a recent interview with the magazine, “The Hollywood Reporter,” Griffin speaks out about the games that are played on Thursday nights. Griffin had this to say to the article:

“There are a lot of players out there who feel like there’s not enough days in the week for us to be playing on Thursdays,” Griffin told the magazine. “It’s something that the NFL is going to have to address to keep players safe while also trying to maximize revenue….”

Griffin could be on to something here. It used to be that only Thanksgiving Day games were played on Thursdays. The league wants to maximize revenue and exposure but to what extent? Griffin did have this to add about playing on Thursdays:

When it comes to the league expanding and trying to take control of more nights, I think there is some concern when it comes to [players’] health.” That said, Griffin notes: “At the same time, when we get those games on Sunday and Thursday, then we’re off for an extended period of time. Sometimes we look at it as an extra bye week.”

Only time will tell as to how the NFL may or may not fix this issue. Maybe the Thursday game will feature two teams fresh off their bye week? Maybe they won’t change it at all and come up with an excuse as to why. Either way, with the player support down, these games will be controversial heading into any league agreement for the future.


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