RGIII happy with new head coach

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AP Photo/Paul Spinelli

AP Photo/Paul Spinelli

With Washington’s head coaching position no longer vacant, many were speculating how Robert Griffin III would react to his new head coach, former Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden.

RGIII was silent no more, taking to both Twitter and Facebook, and unlike his former teammate London Fletcher, Griffin was expressing his satisfaction and eagerness to get right to work with his new boss.


While in his first press conference, Gruden automatically named RGIII the starter as expected, but the big question will be the style of offense the team will run. Gruden is a strict West Coast offense  type of guy who “wasn’t a fan of the read option”  when asked why he and the Bengals didn’t draft Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick instead of TCU’s Andy

Gruden on why he didn’t draft Colin Kaepernick over Andy Dalton (Courtesy of USA Today)

Dalton back in 2011. Of course Mike and Kyle Shanahan adapted a certain style of read-option that looked like an unholy mess last season with an un-healthy QB and a ghastly offensive line. Gruden will surely help Griffin become a better passer, but the fact that he won’t require him to run a lot could not only benefit RGIII by becoming a more complete quarterback, but would potentially keep him healthier, provided the team gets an offensive line sometime soon!

Its obvious a change was needed to be made and now that one has, one can only hope that this will be a change for the better. Yes it’s a bit weird that Jim Haslett and Sean McVay were carried over from the previous regime but if familiarity is what’s going to win football games for this team then so be it! But again neither Rome, nor the Redskins, was built in a day.

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