RGIII will keep his #10 jersey, DeSean could wear #11

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RG3 will. not be changing his number.  )USA TODAY Sports)

RG3 will. not be changing his number. )USA TODAY Sports)

Ever since DeSean Jackson joined the Washington Redskins, fans and analysts have wondered which player will wear the number 10 jersey for the team.  Jackson wore the number 10 for the Philadelphia Eagles while the number is currently worn by Robert Griffin III by the Redskins.

Jackson even said that he felt as if Griffin should give him the number 10 jersey during a conference call  interview with reporters.  These comments caused uproar thought out Redskins nation.

But Griffin has revealed that he won’t be changing numbers and that Jackson will wear a new number to represent his new future.

That new number could be the number 11.  Aldrick Robinson who wore the number has switched from number 11 to number 15.  He makes reference to a famous assault rifle originating in the Vietnam War – the Armalite AR-15 – so it could be nothing more than Robinson wanting a cool nickname.

Of course, it;s rare for players to suddenly change a number they’ve worn since entering the league, or even  from their time at college.  So there’s a good chance that Robinson gave Jackson the number 11.  And by ‘gave’ I mean received a lot of money.

We’ll know for sure what number Jackson will wear soon.


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