Roger Goodell is a Redskins fan?

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference at the conclusion of this year’s fall meetings held in Washington D.C. It was at the end of this press conference that commissioner Goodell mentioned that he grew up in Washington D.C. and rooted for the Redskins. He also said:

By no means … have I ever considered it derogatory as a fan, and I think that’s how Redskins fans would look at it.

Goodell also mentioned that the “hot topic” of the Redskins name was not a topic on the floor of the meetings but is something that has been discussed amongst some owners. The NFL clearly isn’t as concerned as the media is, considering four of the first five questions asked to Goodell at the new conference was about the Redskins name.

Outspoken Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay chimed in and said:

When the President speaks, it’s going to raise attention to any issue, but really I, at this point, don’t really have anything, any comment, on it right now.

There clearly is no immediate rush from the NFL to do much more than listen to the issue at this point. They in no means are rushing to make any changes to the franchise that has been around since 1932.

Maybe the fact that Roger Goodell is a childhood, and most likely an active, Washington Redskins is the reason that there is no movement by the league to force the Redskins to change their name. Either way, after the news conference, it seems as though this situation is more media driven than anything else.


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