San Diego radio mocks Chris Cooley for Redskins-Chargers comments

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Photo: CBS Sports

Photo: CBS Sports

Chris Cooley continues to find himself being criticized and mocked for his comments in which he attempted to compare the San Diego Chargers name to the Washington Redskins.  Yesterday, it was the National Congress of American Indians releasing a statement calling Cooley’s statements “dehumanizing and offensive.”  If that wasn’t enough, it’s now San Diego radio putting the former Redskins tight end in their cross hairs.  Here are some of the choice shots from Judson Richards and Mike Costa, who host “The Drive” in San Diego (audio can be found here):

Succinct, to the point, and boy, that smacks. That hurts, as a San Diegan.


Well, anybody worth their science salt would know that electricity actually helps the ozone level, which is deteriorating extremely fast, with greenhouse gases and whatnot. But yeah, electricity helps. And then for those of us who use solar, hello, we’re not even using electricity. Well, we are, but we’re using it because it’s powered by the sun.


Yeah, if we covered the San Diego Fossil Fuels, then maybe he’d have a point. But we are not the San Diego Fossil Fuels.


By Chris Cooley making fun, saying ‘Well, you know what, I don’t like the Chargers, and trying to make that connection,’ are they trying to tell us that we think this Redskins thing is just superfluous, it’s stupid, it’s idiotic, we shouldn’t even be talking about it, that’s how dumb it is?


And there’s not a power converter generator out there that’s going ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe Chris Cooley’s saying that about me, I make electricity, why’s he doing that?’ No.

Knowing Chris Cooley, I’m sure this is not the last we’ll hear about his latest spark of controversy.

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