Taylor’s killer brought to justice: Florida jury convicts Rivera

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Eric Rivera Jr, seen here over the weekend in court, was convicted of second degree murder in the death of former Redskins safety Sean Taylor (courtesy of the Naples News)

Justice has once and for all finally been served!

ESPN reported today that a Florida jury has found 23-year old Eric Rivera JR guilty in the murder of former Redskins safety and University of Miami Hurricanes star Sean Taylor.

Rivera was convicted of second degree murder and armed burglary with assault after the jury deliberated for over 16 hours on the fourth day. Since Rivera was only 17 at the time, the Death Penalty was not an option for sentencing however it looks like Rivera will be sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

Despite the fact that a taped confession was admitted as evidence, Rivera testified that the confession was coerced by detectives and that another member of his group was the shooter. 3 of the 5 men involved await trial now; Rivera has had his day in court and a second member copped a plea bargain of 29 years in prison in exchange for any testimony he might have against the other members.

A former 1st round pick out of the University of Miami Hurricanes, Taylor was killed on November 27th, 2007 at his home when Rivera and four others broke in attempting to steal money and other valuables from the Pro Bowl safety, who they assumed would not be home and would be with the team. But an injury kept Taylor out of the game and back at his home where he was shot fatally after a bullet his one of his major arteries in his leg.

With date after date after date being postponed due to numerous reason, it’s nice to see that justice has now been served, not only for Taylor’s family, but to the fans of the Washington Redskins and Miami Hurricanes alike. Though he’s gone, the life that Sean Taylor left behind will never be forgotten.

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