Alex Ovechkin tore his knee ligaments at Worlds

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It seems that Alex Ovechkin did receive an injury while he was playing in the World Championships. Luckily it wasn’t too serious. In a game against Germany, Ovechkin left the ice and was taken to the hospital.  The injury wasn’t serious enough to keep Ovechkin off the ice  the rest of the tournament. In the end, Alex Ovechkin and Russia won gold at the World Championships.

When Ovechkin was asked about the injury scare, he said,

We did some X-rays, sent them to Washington. At first I thought: ‘That’s it. My cruciate ligaments are done.’ But thank God, nothing serious. It was just a tear. I was lucky. That’s why I decided to keep playing. Because I could.

Recently Ovechkin has posted some videos on Instagram of himself getting ready for the upcoming season. It looks like he has no repercussions of his injuries, which is important  if the Capitals want to have a successful start to the season.


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