Caps assistant coach Calle Johansson steps down

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After spending two seasons as the Washington Capitals assistant coach, Calle Johansson has stepped down due to family reasons. Calle Johannson played 983 games with the Capitals in 15 seasons before becoming apart of the Caps organization. While being the assistant coach in Washington, his main duties were on the defensive side of the ice. When explaining why he has resigned, Johansson said,

The main reason was that our daughter, Madeline, was going to high school over here in Sweden. And she missed one year, and that’s okay. But she didn’t want to miss any more and she really missed here friends. That was the main reason; so my daughter could go back to school in Sweden with here friends. That’s it.

Even though Johansson has chosen to resign, he states,

It was a tough decision, really tough. I hope in some capacity I can still be involved with the Caps, even from over here. I want to. Like I said, my heart is there. I’ve been there for a lot of years. I wish there was some position that I could do something for them from over here.

When Johansson was asked about coming back to the team, he said,

In a heartbeat, I told Barry Trotz when I talked to him and I told [team president] Dick [Patrick] and I told [general manager Brian MacLellan] too – but most of all, Barry – if you should ever consider me coming back when Madeline finishes school over here, I would love to come back and get the opportunity to do this again. And my wife says the same thing. We would go back in a heartbeat.

It seems like Johansson loved his position in Washington; and there could be a good chance he comes back to help the Capitals organization in some way. Either way, the Capitals now have to look for a new assistant coach to lead the defensive unit under Barry Trotz’s system.

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