Nicklas Backstrom finally gets his Olympic silver medal six months late

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AP Image

Washngton Capitals and Swedish center Nicklas Backstrom has finally received the silver medal that he was denied after testing positive for high levels of pseudoephedrine.  Pseudoephedrine is present in an allergy medication Backstrom has used for seven years.

The positive sample meant that Backstrom was suspended from the Olympic gold medal game between Sweden and Canada – a game that Canada would eventually win 3-0.

On March 14th, the International; Olympic Committee ruled that the one-game suspension served by Backstrom was punishment enough.  They ruled that Backstrom wasn’t using the medication to gain a competitive advantage and he’d be allowed to get his silver medal.

As we can see from the photo below, he has finally received his silver medal six months after the Sochi Winter Olympics ended.

Better late than never, as the saying goes.

H/T: For The Win

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