Ovechkin: “I’m never going to ask for a trade”

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Photo: sports.ru

Photo: sports.ru

There is a lot of finger pointing going on throughout the media in Washington with the Capitals set to miss the postseason for the first time since the 2006-07 season. There were some positives but clearly a lot more negatives to the 2013-14 season. Alexander Ovechkin led the NHL in goals, scoring 51 along with 24 power play goals and a +/- rating of a -35.

Ovechkin was questioned by the media about his future and role with the team and had this to say:

I’m never going to ask for a trade. I feel comfortable. I love the fans, love the city. This organization has given me a lot.

Ovechkin truly is a classy guy. Some players would avoid the question after such an all around terrible season and missing the playoffs. Ovechkin was also questioned about coach Adam Oates. Once again, acting like a true pro, he would not blame Oates for the team’s season. Ovechkin blamed the players on the ice. Essentially letting the media know that it was their fault that they failed not Oates and his system. He added:

If someone’s going to say the system’s bad, well, look at yourself. Look at the position you’re playing. Look at video. If you’re ‘D’, you have to make a pass. Everyone can throw it up on the glass and say it’s OK. We have to score goals. You can’t blame our system right now.

While that could be considered a mild shot at the defense, he didn’t call anyone out and he didn’t seem to show frustration with coach Oates as he had with Dale Hunter and Bruce Boudreau. Maybe this is Alexander Ovechkin growing up or maybe he just realizes that changes are coming and he wants owner Ted Leonsis to know where he stands.


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