WATCH: Alexander Ovechkin scores 4 goals in S/O victory

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Washington Capitals right winger Alexander Ovechkin has been on some sort of tear this year. Ovechkin, going into last night’s game against Tampa Bay, led the NHL with 22 goals through 28 games. After last night’s blow up, Ovechkin now leads the Blues’ Alexander Steen by 5 goals. Ovechkin is on pace to score just a hair under 80 goals. An amazing pace to even be on at this point in the season.

Ovechkin is now only 6 goals shy from his league leading total of 32 last year during the strike shortened 48 game season. If he keeps this pace up not only will the NHL have to worry about the Capitals, but the world will have to worry about Russia during the 2014 Winter Olympics. Take a look at all four of Ovechkin’s goals from last night.



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