WATCH: Capitals’ Brouwer and Johansson collide in a bad way

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The Washington Capitals are faced with a must win situation the rest of the season. If the team wins out, they may have an outside shot at a playoff berth. In tonight’s game against the St. Louis Blues, forwards Troy Brouwer and Marcus Johansson met between the blue line and center ice during the Capitals late first period power play.

Let’s just say that Brouwer has a pretty big size advantage over Johansson and both players went down in a heap. Brouwer was able to skate off on his own power and seemed to be holding his arm/wrist. Johansson, however, didn’t get up for a while and had the trainer on the ice with him.

Both players were able to return to the game and have played their normal minutes up to this point in the game. Check out the collision between the two players.

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h/t to nbc sports for the video

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