WATCH: Capitals’ Ovechkin scores on impossible angle

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If you took a poll around the NHL arena’s on who is the top goal scorer in the league, the Capitals’ Alexander Ovehckin would be named more times than not. Everybody knows him for his exuberant celebrations and his flash of his missing tooth.

Saturday night in Montreal, Alexander Ovechkin scored his league leading 36th goal. Surprise, surprise, Ovechkin scored another goal. This goal though was a beaut. Ovechkin took the puck, batted it twice in mid air with his stick to correct the direction and then puts it past Carey Price at an impossible angle for the goal.

Ovechkin is known for unreal goals, so this one just adds to the list. Last night’s goal though is one that will be a goal of the year candidate. Check out the “Great 8’s” latest highlight reel goal during the Capitals 5-0 romp of the Canadians.


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