WATCH: Capitals Patrick Wey loses badly to Predators Rich Clune

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This is a prime example of when you should not fight as an NHL player. Washington Capitals defenseman Patrick Wey is by no means a fighter. However, he dropped the gloves with Predators tough guy Rich Clune Sunday evening.

Wey did not stand a chance against Clune, although he got in a good shot or two. This fight brings back flashbacks of the Jay Beagle/Aaron Asham fight of a few years back. Beagle also not a fighter took on a notorious tough guy in Asham and ended up missing a good stretch of games due to injury.

Wey left the game after the fight with an undisclosed injury. After this fight, Capitals tough guy, rookie Tom Wilson, made every effort to drop the gloves with Clune to get revenge to no avail. Check out this video of Clune showing Wey how to fight.

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